Akta purifier マニュアル

0 to 10 MPa (100 bar, 1450 psi) pH Stability Range. It akta purifier マニュアル is available in two versions; one for small tubing (o. 1/8” and smaller) and one for large inlet tubing (o. The AKTA Purifier マニュアル 10 UPC The AKTA Purifier 10 UPC is the most economical choice of the 4 units. AKTA手动命令指南 16页.

1 point &183; 3 years ago. &196;KTA pure is a akta purifier マニュアル flexible and intuitive purification system akta for proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids from microgram levels akta purifier マニュアル to tens of grams of target product in research applications. Prime AKTA system with appropriate buffers for column run: Inlet A1 (Wash1 buffer), inlet A2 (Wash2 buffer), and inlet B2 (Elution buffer). Akta Purifier, supplied by GE Healthcare, used in various techniques. There's also an akta purifier マニュアル option of buying second-hand Aktas, but many institutions do not allow that for obvious reasons. В корзину Узнать цену.

AKTA Pilot0 руб. The purifier 10 is used at room temperature, however, the purifier 100 is housed in a cold cabinet giving this sytem the power to perform FPLC type applications at 4&176;C. 2 &181;m) or by centrifugation at 10,000 x g for 20 minutes.

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